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Thamesmead complex proposed otter fencing plans

As many of our club members and anglers who visit the water park know, there are predation issues which are causing the sad loss of stock and other water habitants. We are tackling this issue head on, treating it with a very high level of importance and striving to protect the future of our waters for many years to come.

The committee are working in partnership with our landlords along with the Cotswold Water Park Trust to bring a solution which offers the protection to our waters as required. We have progressed with these plans for the Thamesmead complex and are pleased to publish the current plans for your viewing which were presented to members at the A.G.M.

These are currently proposed plans for fencing the Thamesmead A & B lakes, with much more work and fundraising to do in order to make this possible. We will continue to progress now we have these plans, enabling our vision to be seen and understood so we can progress and obtain relevant quotes for the work to be conducted.

To view these plans please follow the below link:

Thamesmead Complex fence plan

Committee update – May

To increase clarity and promote transparency within the club, the committee will publish relevant items that have been discussed at the monthly meeting. This is intended to promote communication within the club, making sure our members are fully aware of any discussions and relevant outcomes that you will need to be aware of.

Here we will inform you of the May’s meeting points along with any outcome:

The reported concerns with buoys on Large Lake have now been resolved. Any future concerns please report to a bailiff who will raise with the committee.

Parking stickers must be displayed in all cars parked within a club water car park. In the event of a lost sticker please discuss this with a bailiff so a replacement can be issued.

The committee are aware of the fallen tree and the maintenance required to the point swim on Neigh Bridge, with work party dates being discussed to remove and repair with the Cotswold Water Park Trust. If any member would like to volunteer their time to help, please email or contact us through Facebook where your help would be appreciated.

Ongoing website updates were discussed. We would like to receive as many images (fish, club waters, scenery etc) as we can which will be used on our website. Could we please ask that if any member would like to share their images, please contact the club by sending an email to or contact us through Facebook.

Please keep your eye open for future meeting updates. June’s will be published shortly.