Monthly Archives: October 2016

AKAC – Surveys

Just a note to all members so you are aware there will be temporary lake closures over the next few months. There will be bio-surveys being carried out on all our lakes. No fish are being taken or removed from the lakes. The purpose is to access stock levels of all species and to carry out routine a health check a to allow us to plan to develop and enhance the habitats of the fisheries for the future. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Update on the Fencing at Neigh Bridge Country Park

Since we held the meeting earlier in the year, we have made further progress. We have submitted a revised plan to the Cotswold Water Park Trust to fill in all the gaps that previously were shown on the plans at the meeting earlier in the year. A number of access gates are now part of the design, allowing unrestricted flow of the public through the site whilst still providing protection of the fish stocks in Neigh Bridge lake.

We have now received tender figures for the works and consent (subject to approval) on our proposal from CWPT. However, this approval can only be given once AKAC have obtained broad support from local parishes and legal approval from Gloucestershire County Council’s Public Rights of Way department.

The principle of the fence isn’t the problem; it has to be done the correct way to suit all users of the site. For AKAC to achieve our goal, we will now need to demonstrate to CWPT that we have consulted with all these groups and that there are no reasonable objections before we proceed with the project.