AKAC – News Update 2018

Hopefully this is news announcement that everyone has been awaiting to hear!!! I’m so pleased to be able to inform you after a lot of hard work over the last few years. We have had the approval and backing from the Cotswold Water Park Trust to proceed with the Fence at Neigh Bridge Country Park.

AKAC have gained all the approvals that were required from the varied public bodies. In contrary to some we have been closely working with the trust behind scenes.

As I have highlighted in the past the fence will not be an Otter fence as we have become to foresee with a 45 degree outturn at the top. As the site is primary a country park the fencing has to be sensitive to the aesthetics of the site and its difficult topographical challenges, and the need to keep it accessible and safe at all times. So in appearance the fence will match a similar specification to the fence that currently runs along the Thames path.

Now the current position, the project has to go out to tender to receive competitive prices before we can proceed. I’m hoping a preferred contractor can be chosen as quickly as possible. As I’m keen to get this moving if any members are or know a fencing contractor who would be interested in tendering for this project please get in contact via secretary@ashtonkeynesanglingclub.co.uk and I will ensure there on the tender list.

Now the little issue of cost as most of our members are aware we have been holding events and raising funds for this over the last few years and have a large sum of monies ring fenced excuse the pun to put towards the project so a big special thanks Rob Hughes and Terry Hearn and everyone else’s support getting us in this position.  However I’m sure will we need some additional funds to help complete the project? I’m already looking at perhaps holding another event within a few months to help as well as grants. However once we’ve have received the competitive tenders back and the chosen the preferred contractor I will announce the additional funds that will be required to complete the project.