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Thamesmead complex

The club have been informed today (02/04/2016) by our Thamesmead landlords that the complex is going to be placed on the market for sale as of next week. The club have been reassured access will remain in place for members to fish till at least the end of September, but we hope to continue to the end of the season and will work to secure rights for beyond if the opportunity arises.

Once we have a better understanding on the future of the complex and the clubs involvement we will endeavour to keep all members informed. If we lose the rights at the end of September, the club will look at the possibility of refunds for the remainder of the season upon return of club books.

If you require clarification on the above point please contact the club by sending us a message on Facebook or email and we will do our best to answer any questions you have,

Thamesmead complex flood warning

We would like to make members aware of the increasing water levels on the Thamesmead and Manor complex, advising all to take care whilst visiting and fishing these venues. All lakes are holding a large volume of water at the moment, Manor and C lake being the most flooded, and with the river being close to bursting point it wont take much to find yourself in some difficulty.

Our bailiffs have visited the complex and advised the pontoon at manor is currently underwater along with the roller/plough swim being also very flooded, in which a member had a very timely reminder of the dangers a few years back where a couple of anglers had to come to his rescue in the middle of the night!

If you do plan to visit these lakes please could we ask for you to check the weather before and whilst fishing, along with being vigilant on any rising water levels.