Cokes Pit (Lake 34)

AUGUST 2013 026Cokes Pit is a beautiful natural lake which affords the angler peace and tranquillity.  The lake holds a big head of  lovely Tench and is the ideal place to spend the day catching them. Also we have recently stocked 26 carp up to 4-5 pounds to complement the old existing stock. There are up to 20 or so original fish that are rarely fished for and difficult to catch. There is roach and bream also available and the pike fishing is also very good in the winter months.Cokes_Pit

This water has a close season and is only fish-able from June 16th to March the 14th. It also has a nature reserve at one end and the fishing is restricted. Access to Cokes Pit  is from the club car park via Waterlands or The car park bottom gate. Access to fish on June 16th  is allowed from midday on June 15th. NO dogs  allowed on this venue.