Large Lake (Lake 32)

Large Lake as it is known, or lake 32, is A lovely water. Its not as peaceful as some of our other waters as during the warm spring and summer months it is busy with tourists and walkers who frequent Keynes Country Park. This shouldn’t put you off though as there is some lovely fishing to be had. Bream are present in large numbers and their average size has increased in recent seasons to 5lb or so. They do shoal up and if you can find some weed free areas are very catchable. Tench also abound this lake and make for superb sport on misty summer mornings watching a float. Both of these species can be caught in the margins with them being very visible in the superbly clear water. Carp are present with an estimated head of 50 or so fish up to upper thirties in weight. Again not an easy water but the rewards are there. The pike fishing is largely untapped and there is the opportunity perhaps for some specimen sized fish to be caught. The roach shoals that have been seen in recent weeks are thriving too   though they are not often targeted.

lake 32 view 1

There is a restriction on where you can fish and this must be adhered to as the water is shared with Keynes Country Park and Waterlands. There is now no entrance to the club car park through Waterlands. When using the club car park please ensure ALL gates that are used are closed and locked after entry/exit. Please DO NOT use Keynes Country Park to gain entrance to this water. Abide by all club rules. No inflatables or boats of any kind are to be used by anglers except baitboats. As this is a shared space please be aware that you are a representative of the club while on its banks.