Neigh Bridge Lake (lake 59)

Neigh Bridge is probably our most popular water. Mainly because of the large carp present that go up to upper thirties at the right time of year. They are not easy to catch and it is a pressured venue with anglers being present for most of the time. It also has some lovely Tench and some very big Bream that largely go ignored. Roach and Perch are present and during the summer months are visible. The pike fishing on this venue has improved of late with fish into the high doubles being caught during the last winter. This venue is exceptionally clear and sometimes very weedy.

This water is popular with tourists, visitors and locals neigh-bridge004alike. The paths around the lake are narrow in places and great care must be used in setting up bivvies and brollies so as to not obstruct the footpath.   Baitboats are not allowed on this water. Please ensure you use the club car park and not the layby at the top of the lane nor the grass verges up the lane.  Ensure you place your windscreen badge in the windscreen of your vehicle while in the car park. This is a day ticket venue and tickets must be purchased before fishing from the agents listed elsewhere on this site.