News and Bad News

It has been drawn to my attention by one of our bailiffs that he buried a 32lb common carp from Thamesmead B last week after finding it dead in the margins. It came after the fish spawned and the weather was hot and humid. Such fatalities do happen but they are not helped by irresponsible anglers who fish for them whilst they are spawning. I have no proof this went on but I’m informed it did. ANYONE caught doing so will be banned from the water and their conduct reviewed by the committee. I’m informed of anglers also fishing areas not fishable and trying to fish areas with no swims. We as a club have to believe in the goodwill of our members but unfortunately there are always going to be some who fish at any cost. Areas of the waters we run will be closed if it is deemed neccesary to protect the fish stocks due to the actions of a few mindless minorities.