Otter Fencing Update

Following recent events and concerns raised around the sad news of a recent fish death on Neigh Bridge, the club would like to put on record how things currently stand with regards to the ongoing fencing project being undertaken; clarifying the current situation and to quash any rumours that have been publicised through various social media forums.

As this is something that is dear to the hearts of not just the committee, but the whole club, a special meeting was arranged for the 29th November 2015 to discuss the fencing plans. Club officials involved in this meeting were extremely disappointed in the turnout and support received, especially with the amount of attention this matter appears to have within the clubs membership. The meeting presented opportunity for everyone concerned to view the proposed fencing plans, discuss with not only club officials, but also a representative from the CWPT and giving you the chance to put your views and questions forward.

We would, however, like to thank all those that attended the recent emergency meeting earlier this month, your support and understanding of the current situation is appreciated. We hope that from this meeting, along with this update, everyone is now aware of where we are with our efforts to try and protect this iconic venue.

The club have been working tirelessly to plan the best solution for this unique site, working with all relevant governing bodies to propose a solution that not only protects the water, but overall enhances and not to hinder access to what is ultimately a public park. There are a number of factors the club are working through with the CWPT which range from sourcing the right quality materials and type of fencing, general maintenance required to install the fence, timescales along with contractors and finances.

We strive to protect and secure the future of our waters, working to a solution that suites the makeup of each venues. This will be achieved by working together along with the CWPT and other parties involved.

We appreciate and acknowledge the immediate support and efforts undertaken by all members of the WCC Facebook group, along with everyone who backed the club with the previous talks by Terry Hearn and Rob Hughes. Although finances are not always the hindering point, contrary to that perceived, there are other critical aspects required to be addressed and considered.

So, what has actually happened over the last year?

  • Several plans have been drafted and reviewed
  • Materials and samples have been sourced to meet requirements of our landlord
  • Contractors have been approached and quotes requested
  • Current finances have been reviewed and further funding options have been discussed if required (including the availability of day tickets which are already in place at Neigh Bridge)
  • Grant applications have been reviewed for potential application of funds
  • A number of meetings have been held between club and the CWPT
  • Site visits and plan reviews have been conducted between club officials, CWPT along with the EA.
  • Conversations have been held between the club, P.A.G, Angling Trust along with many more specialists.

What are the next steps the club need to take?

  • Further finalisation of plans need approval and sign off from all relevant parties
  • Ongoing discussions required to outline committed timeframes between the club and the CWPT
  • Funding applications need to be submitted
  • Contractors need to be appointed once the plans have been agreed

The committee have a dedicated team handling all paperwork, meetings, plans and to seek approval. This team are dedicated to see this project through to completion where viable and to required resolution that benefits all concerned parties.

Our promise to members is that we will publish a monthly update on progress, even if no progress is forthcoming we will let you know. The first update will be provided at the AGM on the 28th February where we hope to provide you with progress on the proposed plans that have been submitted.

We always take constructive feedback and strive to answer questions as honest as we can. All feedback is discussed at committee meetings, so please feel free to email the club at