Here are a few reminders of waters closing etc.

Cokes Pit has now closed until the glorious 16th of June. This is necessary as it is a nature reserve and has to retain the closed season. Its important that anglers respect this ruling

Manorbrook and Thamesmead C close on the 31st of March at midnight. Again please respect this ruling. There have been instances of anglers walking around on these waters while the waterskiers are in residence. Nick has pointed this out and NOBODY is to set foot on the banks of these waters until 17th of September later this year.

Large lake is once again open during the close season. The only entry on our current number is through the bottom gate directly into the car park while the waterlands gates are closed. There have been several instances of abuse of this facility. Anglers leaving the gate unlocked or the padlock not closed properly or left on the gate number. This must stop. The padlock now has to be ground off and a new one put in place because somebody manually changed the lock code so that only that person could get in. The gate was recently used meaning this person has recently fished. Anybody found to be tampering with or damaging this gate and lock will be banned for life if caught. Similarly there has been damage done to the hedgerow on the road bank whereby people are pushing through the hedge and damaging it. This is not acceptable and the same fate awaits any anglers who are caught doing this.

This is the time of year that Neighbridge starts to get busy. Those that regularly fish there  know the problems that the warmer weather can bring and there is no legislating for the general public. Please abide by the rules and make sure that you keep your swims tidy. I would appreciate any correspondence regarding littering and misuse of the water by the public so i can report to the CWPT. There is an issue with the mess left behind by dog walkers which the trust are aware of and are trying to rectify.