General rules

1. No litter to be left on the club fisheries, any member fishing a swim with litter or used line present will be expelled.

2. Any member leaving their swim must remove any bait from the hook and all tackle, except keepnets, from the water.

3.Coarse fishing season. Large lake (32) season is all season fishing. Cokes pit (34) and the River Thames at Cricklade season is midnight June 15th to midnight March 14th. There is a close season on these venues. Neigh Bridge Country Park (56) is all season fishing.
 4. Membership fees: Please check website for fees.

 5. Members are not permitted to set up on Cokes pit before mid-day on the 15th of June.

 6. NO fish to be taken from club waters, deep hooking is not acceptable as an excuse to remove fish.
 7. No carp or pike to be retained in keepnets EXCEPT carp in club competitions on Thamesmead or for weighing purposes and in this case only whilst waiting for scales for club records. Carp or Pike are NOT to be retained in Pike or Carp sacks. Weighing and photographing of fish to be done in swim of capture and the fish released with the minimum of stress. Unhooking mats are to be used where necessary with large fish to prevent damage, common sense to prevail – we do not require fish fatalities through neglect.
8. No live or dead coarse fish, or game fish are to be introduced into Club waters. Sea baits only.
9. No fires allowed except on official working parties.
10. Brollycamps, bivvies, stormsides etc (must be designated fishing equipment) are permitted on all club waters with the following restrictions.- Length of stay not to exceed 72 hours in any one swim. Swim must be vacated for at least 24 hours before relocation. No footpaths or accesses to be obstructed. Long stay members must use the toilets at Keynes country park. The use of hedges or reed beds is not acceptable.
11. Watercraft are not to be used by members except designated angling baitboats.
12. The club is not liable for damage or loss of members property.
13. All members to enter fisheries by the proper entrances and use official club car parks where they apply.
14. Car parking badge must be clearly displayed at all times when using club waters.
15. Any amendments to club rules to be forwarded 14 days prior to the AGM. Any proposals forwarded to the AGM can only be accepted and detatched if the proposer is present. Any changes to club rules and constitution at the AGM must be by a 2/3 majority vote. All voting to be done by a showing of a current Membership card.
16. To replace a lost membership card will cost £5.
17. Dogs accompanying members must be kept on a lead at all times whilst the member is fishing. (Dogs are not permitted at Cokes Pit.)
19/ A wire trace of at least 18 inches to be used for all forms of predator fishing.
20/ No members allowed to fish any water booked for a club fixture. On date agreed water is closed at 12 midnight prior to match.
21/ Baitboats are banned on Neigh Bridge.

22.Crayfish pots are present in many areas of our lakes, whilst fishing it is fine to move the pots to a different area of water but they MUST be put back roughly where they were removed from and MUST be thrown back in to the lake as far as possible as if left on the bank or in the margins. Foxes, Mink and Otters are attracted to the traps. Anyone found to have not put the pot back out after the fishing will be disciplined.

23.Parking is at the discretion of committee/bailiffs to demand that club member’s park on the hard areas and not on the grass, as and when the ground conditions become un-suitable for vehicles.

Committee rules
The voting committee shall consist of a maximum of 12 members plus the Vice chairman.2/ When elected a committee member then stands for 3 seasons.

3/ At least one third of the committee must seek re-election each season.

4/ Honorary and life members to be granted at the discretion of the committee.

5/ Rule on attendance- Prior apology counts as attendance at meetings. 3 meetings follow without either attendance or apology and the member is automatically deposed from the committee.


Match rules.

1/ The committee are empowered to close any portion of water for fishing competitions.

2/ The match stewards are empowered to give some consideration to infirm anglers and dads and lads fishing together. One dad to one lad.

3/ All matches to be pegged down except the pike match , or at the discretion of the stewards, where numbers will allow a roaming match.

4/ Pegs to be drawn from the match stewards from one hour before the start.

5/ Plumbing of swims and shotting of floats allowed prior to whistle- groundbaiting is not.

6/ No pike or eels to weigh, except pike in the pike match.

7/ The use of artificial lures is only allowed in the pike match.

8/ Pike match- this will be a roaming match, dead baits mat be used from the start of the match. Two pike rods are allowed.

9/ Christmas match-all fish to count.

10/Weed dragging is allowed in club matches at the discretion orf the match secretary/stewards.


Disciplinary procedures.

1/ Membership cards and id photos cards are to be carried at all times. Failure to produce same to bailiffs or any member will result in the angler being asked to leave the water.

2/ In the event of any member conducting themselves so as to endanger the welfare or good name of the club, he or she shall be disciplined if the committee so decide, and all current membership fees will be forfeited. The committee are empowered to to suspend or expel a member , should they consider it necessary.

3/ On purchasing a club membership card a member is deemed to know and obey the rules.